Pilates Reformer & Equipment Personal Training

Pilates Reformer & Equipment Personal Training 


Nothing can be more effective than a pilates private (one-on one) or a shared/duet (two-person) class.

The cilent’s individual needs weaknesses, strength is in focus and dictates the paste and the extent of the training. And this is what guarantees the client to get the most out of the workout to work together with the instructor and allow the trainer to tailor the exercises precisely to the cliens needs.

Peak Pilates equipments are perfect to take our clients to their limits and still be safe and protected from injuries.

The instructor is next to the client during the whole training, guides the movement, helps to improve body awareness , which can be useful in any other kind of excersise or sport.

Our equipments: Reformer+Mat, Cadillac, Chair, Spine corrector.

Working with the springs, ropes pedals is not only challenging, buti it also improves stamina, flexibility and strength and all these factors combined together made the Pilates program complex and successful.

In our Studio to get the most out of the training using the the Cadillac, Chair , or Foot-correcor it is crucial to follow the basic principles of Pilates.

This can only be achieved with an instructor who has a full knowledge of the Pilates System and guides the clients through the exercise. This is why the pilates equipmnets can only be used with an instuctor individual training is not available in our studio.