Pilates MVe® Fitness Chair

MVe®Fitness Chair (small group class)

Peak Pilates developed the authentic pilates chair exclusively for Fitness Studios. 


In Hungary this class is only available in bodyART® MOZGÁSSTÚDIÓ PEST!

The MVe® Fitness Chair is an excellent equipment to imporve strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

On a Chair class we work with the authentic Pilates principles, MVe is a complex training method, fun and energetic. The MVe® Fitness Chair uses a unique and easily adjustable spring system, to give counterpace, or to help the movements to perform the pilates exercises better.

The springs are adjustable so our instructors can precisely vary them according to the client’s individual needs, skills and daily condition , so our clients can get the maximum out of the lesson without overstrain the muscles and joints.

The duty of the trainer is selecting the right exercise and adjusting the equipment.

The instructor is close to the client at all times and helps to perform the movements better.