Pilates MAT Group Classes

Just You and the Gravity!

On a pilates class clients will learn the principles of Pilates such as the POWERHOUSE. Pilates MAT is the core of the Pilates System, and it’s the hardest of all, because there is nothing else just you and the gravity!

Anyone can start pilates at any level. After an injury, or illness, we can support our clients to have a safe start to get back into shape again. On a pilates MAT class the instructor walks around and helps the clients to improve their body awareness. The clients get to know the principles of Pilates and get familiar with the so called POWERHOUSE.

The aim is to improve body awareness, strength, flexibility and coordination. All the movements will be synchronized with the breathing in order to help concentration and make the training more efficient.

To get the best results we use the following equipments: fitball, soft ball, Pilates ring, dyn-air cushion.

On a Pilates MAT class our clients can establish the essential body awareness which is needed for working with the equipment or to be more efficient on a Pilates Chair (Mve Fitness Chair) class.