Personal Training in bodyART® MOZGÁSSTÚDIÓ

bodyART® MOZGÁSSTÚDIÓ provides a unique service in Hungary. We created our venues to allow our clients not only to move and develop in a group session setup, but also to have a chance to experience the benefits of a personal training session as well. We are committed to delivering the best in personalized exercise in a safe, comfortable, friendly and supportive environment.

About Personal Training

On a personal training session we familiarize and teach our clients the elements of bodyART® training, pilates and conditional training, guided by the rules of functional training therefore in bodyART MOZGÁSSTÚDIÓ we don’t use exercise machines.

What is Personal Training?

It is a session led by a professional trainer , focusing on the clients individual needs such as current physical condition, abilities, goals. In our functional trainings in bodyART® MOZGÁSSTÚDIÓ we put emphasis and use exercises coming from our everyday movemets such as; standing up ,sitting down, twists, raising the arms, stretching e.t.c , this is why they are so called functional exercises. bodyART® training belongs to this movementsystem, so our trainers build the personal training sesssions based on these movement types.

The special bodyART® private sessions give a chance for the clients to get more attention on each pose. More time, focus, and detailed contact- with is the base of bodyART® training- to provide the highest level of stress release, relaxation and rejuvenation.

There are many thoughtfully selected – available in Hungary only in bodyART® MOZGÁSSTÚDIÓ- tolls to help us reach the clients goal. The studio’s proffessional trainers can show the many various use of our tools so the work will always stay challenging and fun and make the team work between the client and the trainer more successful.

In bodyART® MOZGÁSSTÚDIÓ we use PEAK Pilates Reformer, Box and Chair machines .Pilates chair is also available in small group classes in our schedule, this tool can also help you to master the exercises found in the Pilates MAT group classes.

You can also find in bodyART® MOZGÁSSTÚDIÓ the Xco walking & running tool, wich is a perfect accessory for active walking. Intense up-down or sideways movement makes a so called reactive impact , which results in more than one muscle contraction and enhances the body’s calory usage.

And of coures bodyART® MOZGÁSSTÚDIÓ cannot miss the popular TRX tool wich helps you to work on your core muscles and improves your balance and flexibility.

And we have more!

Instable surfaces:

  • jumper, Fitt ball, foam roller, easy ball
  • Wall-bars
  • Xco®-TRAINER

Clients should arrange the training times directly with the personal trainers.

Cancellation policy 1 day prior to the training’s starting time, in person or by phone.In case the client is missed to show up and missed to inform the trainer about the cancellation, the full price of the class will be charged.

Please call us, or write an e-mail, for futhter information about our Personal Trainings, and trainers , or visit our Studio and let the receptionist help you.