Peak Pilates

Peak Pilates


The Pilates method is a special training method. The secret what makes the training so efficient and succesful is to keep all the fundamental principles. With regular practice and providing a great variety of exercises the aim is to challenge the client’s BODY-MIND-SOUL.

Anyone can start pilates at any level! We can support our clients after an injury, help them through rehabilitation, or we can work together with anyone who would like to engage in exercise after an illness, and we are also ready to challenge a professional athlete as well.

What is the difference between Peak pilates and the other pilates methods?

Peak Pilates is a classical pilates school, working with he exact exercises ,ideas and fundamental principles as Joseph H. Pilates did. Peak Pilates considers the importance to preserve Joseph H.Pilates work’s unity. Following the path stricly based on the classisal methods can assure the succes of the training. Pilates method focuses on the center of the body the so called POWERHOUSE, the aim is to strengthen and stretch the muscles of the body starting form this center. Learning to connect the movements with the breathing also plays an important part to achieve the best results. It is important to keep it in mind that all equipments we use on our group training/personal training, are manufactured following the original plans of Joseph H. Pilates. (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair,Barrel, etc.)

Peak pilates equipments are confortable and easy to handle. All pilates classes (MAT and Equipment classes) are taught with the original system developed by Joseph H. Pilates.

Pilates Reformer & Equipment Personal Training 


Nothing can be more effective than a pilates private (one-on one) or a shared/duet (two-person) class.

The cilent’s individual needs weaknesses, strength is in focus and dictates the paste and the extent of the training. And this is what guarantees the client to get the most out of the workout to work together with the instructor and allow the trainer to tailor the exercises precisely to the cliens needs.

Peak Pilates equipments are perfect to take our clients to their limits and still be safe and protected from injuries.

The instructor is next to the client during the whole training, guides the movement, helps to improve body awareness , which can be useful in any other kind of excersise or sport.

Our equipments: Reformer+Mat, Cadillac, Chair, Spine corrector.

Working with the springs, ropes pedals is not only challenging, buti it also improves stamina, flexibility and strength and all these factors combined together made the Pilates program complex and successful.

In our Studio to get the most out of the training using the the Cadillac, Chair , or Foot-correcor it is crucial to follow the basic principles of Pilates.

This can only be achieved with an instructor who has a full knowledge of the Pilates System and guides the clients through the exercise. This is why the pilates equipmnets can only be used with an instuctor individual training is not available in our studio.

MVe®Fitness Chair (small group class)

Peak Pilates developed the authentic pilates chair exclusively for Fitness Studios. 


In Hungary this class is only available in bodyART® MOZGÁSSTÚDIÓ PEST!

The MVe® Fitness Chair is an excellent equipment to imporve strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

On a Chair class we work with the authentic Pilates principles, MVe is a complex training method, fun and energetic. The MVe® Fitness Chair uses a unique and easily adjustable spring system, to give counterpace, or to help the movements to perform the pilates exercises better.

The springs are adjustable so our instructors can precisely vary them according to the client’s individual needs, skills and daily condition , so our clients can get the maximum out of the lesson without overstrain the muscles and joints.

The duty of the trainer is selecting the right exercise and adjusting the equipment.

The instructor is close to the client at all times and helps to perform the movements better.

Just You and the Gravity!

On a pilates class clients will learn the principles of Pilates such as the POWERHOUSE. Pilates MAT is the core of the Pilates System, and it’s the hardest of all, because there is nothing else just you and the gravity!

Anyone can start pilates at any level. After an injury, or illness, we can support our clients to have a safe start to get back into shape again. On a pilates MAT class the instructor walks around and helps the clients to improve their body awareness. The clients get to know the principles of Pilates and get familiar with the so called POWERHOUSE.

The aim is to improve body awareness, strength, flexibility and coordination. All the movements will be synchronized with the breathing in order to help concentration and make the training more efficient.

To get the best results we use the following equipments: fitball, soft ball, Pilates ring, dyn-air cushion.

On a Pilates MAT class our clients can establish the essential body awareness which is needed for working with the equipment or to be more efficient on a Pilates Chair (Mve Fitness Chair) class.