bodyART MOZGÁSSTÚDIÓ Rules & Regulations / House Rules

bodyART Mozgásstúdió Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
székhely: H-1022 Budapest, Felvinci út 21.
telephely: H-1054 Budapest, Akadémia utca 11.
adószám: 24237318-2-41.
cégjegyzék 01-09-997127

bodyART Mozgásstúdió Rules & Regulations /House Rules

bodyART Mozgásstúdió Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
H-1022 Budapest, Felvinci út 21.
képviseli: Borsodi Balázs ügyvezető
adószám: 24237318-2-41
cégjegyzék 01-09-997127
bankszámla szám: Budapest Bank 10100833-25671700-01003000

House Rules are created to guarantee and maintain our studio’s high standard, we require that our members and all guests abide by the following rules.

General Rules

The territory of bodyART Mozgásstúdió may only be used for its actual functions and according to its rules. Activities and behaviours in the territory of bodyART Mozgásstúdió are governed by legal regulations in place, as well as the present in-house policy .The current House Rules are posted on the Studio website and a reference copy is available at the Reception desk.

In the territory of bodyART Mozgásstúdió it is strictly forbidden:

  • to smoke and/or consume alcoholic bevarages inside and in a 5 meter circuit close to the main entrance,
  • in case of failure of these rules, bodyART Mozgásstúdió declines all consequences, the person breaching these rules are responsible accoring to the effective legal regulations,
  • to engage in any activities breaching the legal regulations,
  • any other actiyity without any serious reason, to disturb or offend to our clients or members,
  • to use or to spread any drugs, steroids, narcotics,
  • to bring in any of the following items, any dangerous substance and/or object ( explosives, pyrotechnical materials, guns, allergenic materials).

Filming or taking photos in bodyART Mozgásstúdió without the consent of Management is not allowed.

Animals are not allowed in the territory of bodyART Mozgásstúdió.

For the benefit of all, it is requested to keep the premises tidy , and return all equipment to the corresponding place when finished.

Inside the gym area only clean shoes or barefoot is allowed, no street shoes in those areas.

In bodyART Mozgásstúdió only trainers who have state-recognized qualification, and have a contract with bodyARt Mozgásástúdió are allowed to work as a personal trainers or lead a group class.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 07.30 - 21.30
Saturday 08.00-12.00, 17.00-20.30
Sunday 08.00-12.00, 17.00-20.30

Please leave the premises at closing time.

bodyART Mozgásstúdió Management reserves the right to arrange private events in the premises.Operating hours can be modified as well as the schedules. Management is bound to indicate the changes on the Studio’s Facebook profile and website. Management is not liable for individual brief.

Child care service is not available at bodyART Mozgásstúdió. Children can stay in bodyART Mozgásstúdió on their parents risk and responsibility. Children under 14 can attend the classes only with Management consent.

Free services are provided by bodyART Mozgásstúdió for clients with valid ticket/pass. (1 towel, sauna usage, WIFI)


Attending bodyART Mozgásstúdió for the first time, clients must check-in first and fill the registration form, accepting the Rules and regulations , and accepting the fact that the studio’s staff observe these rules and regulations.

Refusing to give the required data and/or refusing to allow the staff to take a portrait for the studio’s record, management is entitled to refuse the client to be a member of the Studio and use the services of bodyART mozgásstúdió.

Management is entitled to ask for the clients ID and residence card in order to make a data check. All personal data will be held according to the current Privacy Policy Rules. Without prior permission of the client Management is not allowed to give out any of the client’s data and is not allowed to use the data to any other purposes.

Services of bodyART Mozgásstúdió can only be available with a valid ticket /valid pass, and has to be payed/validated prior to entering a class payed by cash or credit card. Prices are indicated in our website and can be found in our Studio as well.In bodyART Mozgásstúdió we accept AYCM kártya és SZÉP kártya according to the issuer’s rules.

In case of an expired pass the remainder is not tranferable to the next pass.

Passes can only be prolonged even in cases like sickness or injury if the client claims for prolongation via email to the Management prior to the pass’s expiration date.

Pass prolongation will be allowed under the following terms.

Prolongation can only be allowed purchasing a new pass, so that the new validity will be extended with maximum 4 sessions (10-session pass) or two weeks (monthly, 3 month, or half year pass). Expired passes cannot be extended.

bodyART Mozgásstúdió has a a registration policy. Group classes/Personal Trainings can be booked via e-mail or phone, contacts can be found on our website. If a class is full, clients will be enrolled on a waiting list. In case a registered client is missed to show up at the reception desk 10 minutes prior to the class, the registration will be cancelled and the class will be charged.

Cancellation is accepted prior to the class via e-mail or by phone without any of the above consequence, and the client who is first int he line can attend the class. In case a client is faild to show up in a registered class more than 10 times, without any further notice, management will give the client a warning. After the warning management can exclude the client from further booking, and from the studio as well.

Cancellation policy Via e-mail or phone Group class cancellation 1 hour prior to class Pilates Chair class cancellation 4 hour prior to class Personal training cancellation 1 day prior to the training’s starting time.

Clients accept that they enter into any activity at bodyART Mozgásstúdió entirely at their own risk.

In any case of medical issue clients should consult their physican prior to beginning any exercise program or participating in any exercise classes.

If the leader of the training experiences that the clients conduct, behaviour, state of health, jeopardize his/her state or any other clients state, the trainer can ask the client to stop the activity, or leave the class.

In case a client’s medical state requires a special care (allergies, hemophilia e.t.c) client must indicate it in the registration form let the instructor know before the start of the class if they are pregnant or if they have any medical risk factors.

Clients must return all items belonging to bodyART Mozgásstúdió (such as locker room key, towel e.c.t.) and pay for their consumption before leavinng. Lost locker key/towel, 3.000HUF charge per key/tower.

Changing rooms, Sauna

Lockers are provided in the changigng rooms.

Clients are requied to use slippers in changing rooms, showers and the enterance of the sauna.

Use the sauna only at your own risk.

Appropriate attire is needed in the sauna (Bathing suit or towel)

Please don’t step ont he sauna benches with slippers.

Attending classes at bodyART Mozgásstúdió

Please make sure you give your ticket to the instructor before the class.

Places cannot be reserved first-come, first-served.

Appropriate attire is needed, (clean sport shoes, t-shirt, top, gym pants) No sandals or slippers, no street shoes. Barefoot is allowed only at the following classes (bodyART, deepWORK, BAX, stretching, joga, Pilates) Instructors have a right to aks the client to obey these rules.

No food or drink is allowed in the training area with the exception of water/sports drink in a closed non breakable container. You can eat and drink at the reception area.

Please limit the use of perfume, cologne.

Please turn off cell phones in the training areas.

Chlidren can attend classes at bodyART Mozgásstúdó above 14 accopanied by an adult, above 16 without assistance. Unless agreed by Management in writing, children under 14 cannot attend any class.

Parents bear personal responsibility for their children conduct, and any damage caused by a child must be refunded by the parent.

Lost and found

bodyART mozgásstúdió is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Valuable items can be stored at the safe deposit boxes at the reception.

Please report any lost and found items to the Receptionist. Items in the lost and found box will be kept for maximum 30 days.


Clients accept that they enter into any activity at bodyART Mozgásstúdió entirely at their own risk. The Studio accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from violating the rules and regulations of bodyART Mozgásstúdió. The Studio accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property including but not limited to clothing, footwear, accessories, or any other items and equipments.

In case the customer or member violates the present in-house Policy or any universally agreed rules of behaviours in the territory of bodyART Mozgásstúdió, the Management is entitled to warn, inefficacy of that, is entitled to order to leave, or exclude the client. In case of serious cases beyond the power of the Management, the Management may ask the assistance of the police or other competent authorities, in which case all relevant parties must cooperate as the police or authorities ordered. The expelled member may not demand any claim to the Management.

Each client assumes the risk for any harm or injuries, Management is not responsible for injuries, only in cases when it can be proven that the damage is caused by the instructor by violating professional rules.

In bodyART Mozgásstúdió we are prepared and equipped for emergency issues. In any case of emergency/injury Management will take a record of the event.

In case bodyART Mozgásstúdió in its own territory makes any kind of advertising material (motion picture or photograph) promoting its activities and/or services on which any customer or member may appear, the custmer or member has no right to come up with any claim towards bodyART Mozgásstúdió Ltd. in connection with the appearance on these materials in case the Management informed its customers on the shooting beforehand.

In the territory of bodyART Mozgásstúdió any commercial or advertising activities including outplacing advertising materials may only happen on the basis of previous agreement with bodyART Mozgásstúdió.

Management may remove all advertising materials placed out without its previous permission without the obligation of keeping them. In case any customer or member does not give up any activities mentioned above despite of bodyART Mozgásstúdió' warning, he/she may be excluded from its members.

Management has the right to change or amend the present House Rules at any time.

The House Rules of bodyART Mozgásstúdió can be found on the bodyART Mozgásstúdió website and a reference copy is available at the Reception desk.

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